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    A note from me

    With the initial stresses, pressures and responsibilities in launching our COVID-19 initiative as quickly as we could and with the workload and anxiety beginning to subside along with it, it’s now time to go back to what we were working on quietly behind closed doors - and finalise and perfect the finishing touches of our newest and most exciting chapter yet!

    While we’ve admittedly let the cat-out-of-the-bag early, it was a conscious and calculated decision knowing that we could help fellow artists, peers and industries almost instantly with our years of experience, established systems and services but, also because we knew we could do it without comprising, tarnishing or damaging our beloved Few and Far Collective name, brand or family.

    While staying true is something we’ve always felt is important, preached and prided ourselves on, it should be no surprise to any of you to see us not only continue to do this (even during the toughest times) and in turn, deciding to go back to our roots and re-direct our energies back into the parts we love and enjoy the most - and the core reasons for starting the brand “Few and Far Collective” back in 2013 in the first place.

    While we’ve watched the industry and landscape change (most desperately and embarrassingly) around us, I’m here to tell you not much from us, from a brand standpoint, has or will. I’ve dedicated my life to building this thing and while it almost recently destroyed mine, it’s not a compromise I am willing to take. Furthermore, and more recently, I feel that it’s ‘bigger and me’ and fostered a life, network and community of its own - which is ultimately the reason for the changes and opening the doors to welcome new artists.

    This said, the feedback, general excitement and positivity we’ve received thus far regarding our return has been nothing short of incredible, motivating and inspiring - and one of the very reasons why I didn’t take the easy road and ‘quit’ or finish the brand when faced with such fucked-up situations and overwhelming adversities - and most importantly, and proudly, why we’ve decided to take them on, overcome and re-launch.

    This said, we’re close to finishing ...but not quite and running a little slow in orders so please just hang in there and don’t judge! We’re a work in progress and working around the clock to do our best - and appreciate you guys hanging in there and supporting while we do so!

    Much love,
    thank you all so much and talk soon 👊🏻

    About Us

    To see where we came from click here or for a little bit more about our story click here!

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