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    Very simply - Once we have established what you want, we’ll recommend what’s best for you… then we plan our attack! Once we are on the same page, and you’ve agreed to the terms, we can move quickly to get you live - and paid.

    Check out the How We Work page for more information. 
    HOW DO I GET STARTED? Please fill out the form on the Collaborate page and we will get back to you ASAP to walk you through your options and provide relevant pricing.

    From there, we’ll get you to fill out our questionnaire and get you set up with an artist page to introduce you to our customers.

    HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? As our services and prices are vast and varied, we feel the best and most efficient way to take care of you is to have a chat about options that suit you best - not just give you a generic sheet of stock-standard information. We understand everyone wants to shop around and crunch numbers (which is okay!) however we value your work as much as our own, so would rather work with you directly to offer you a professional service, completely tailored to your needs.

    All artists are in-charge of pricing their own artworks and/or prints. As artists ourselves, we understand the importance of charging what you feel you are worth, so have left this responsibility up to you. This said, if you feel uncomfortable with or don’t know how to best price your work, we are always here to help and recommend perusing our store as a starting point. 

    We understand this is a common concern and an ongoing frustration for us all. We’ve considered this and don’t believe there really is a solution that ensures that no artist is undercut - it’s the nature of business to compete within any industry and if it’s not being done here, it’s happening somewhere else… right?

    When we first launched our ‘print’ store, through “Few and Far Collective” back in 2016, we had all prices fixed to eliminate this problem and ensure there was an even playing field and common goal for everyone. While this worked perfectly then (we never received any negative feedback or experienced any problems with this pricing structure), we understand that artists come from all backgrounds, have differing styles and varying levels of experience and expertise, therefore this change was a result of the natural progression and growth of our business as we no longer feel comfortable with, or felt it was our place to, control or dictate to artists what they are worth”.

    This said, we always welcome feedback. We’re constantly looking to improve and ensure we offer the best possible service, so if you have any feedback or can suggest a solution, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line.

    The dollar figure depends entirely on you! Our costs are calculated directly from the services and direction you want to take. Our primary goal is to set us all up for success - so we are always available to help, get the ball rolling and to get you paid. For every product of yours sold in our store, 70% of all profits will go directly back to you, and we take a 30% commission to cover our administration and handling costs.

    One thing we’d like to make a point of saying here is that you directly reap what you sow

    While we are here to help you sell your work, we can’t guarantee we can or will. Additionally, there really is no limit to what you can earn either. Both are a direct result of promoting your work and marketing directly to your customers.

    Of course you can. While we are here for everyone, we understand that each artist works differently and want different things and that’s okay! You don’t have to host, sell and distribute your works with us at all - and if you don’t, it doesn't affect any printing or manufacturing services on offer to you from Few and Far Studio. Kim is ready when you are, either way! 

    HOW DO I GET PAID, AND WHEN? You get paid a fixed and agreed-upon lion’s share percentage from each sale we make under your name. We pay you directly, via PayPal, at the start of each month.

    *While monthly is our preferred payment schedule, we are happy to discuss and do what we can during these unprecedented times if your situation is particularly challenging.
    TURN-AROUND TIMES? We can work to almost any timeframe that suits you, so just let us know what you need. 

    Prints, that are all done in-house, can be turned around very quickly - digital prints can be done in a matter of hours if required. Typically though for digital prints our turn around time is 2-3 business days from receiving files.

    Our general turnaround time for Fine Art Giclee prints is 7-10 business days from receiving your artwork.

    Whatever option you'd prefer, we’re ready to hit the ground running and can help you expedite and streamline the entire process - as well as help you minimise risk and prevent you wasting valuable time and resources.
    CAN I SEND YOU DIGITAL FILES OR SCANS OF MY ORIGINAL ARTWORK? Of course! All of the above are welcome however, please allow us to make it clear (especially with our Fine Art Giclee reproductions) that we can only work with what we have. This means that the quality of your prints is a direct result of the quality of your files and for this reason we always prefer to work with your original artwork.

    This said, we understand it’s not always possible, feasible or realistic, so we are happy to work with supplied files and scans. Either way, Kim will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your unique situation.
    IF I SEND YOU MY ORIGINAL, WILL IT BE SAFE? In our studio, of course. We treat every original piece as if it’s our own, handle them only with gloves and ensure they remain protected at all times while in our care in our dust-free studio. This being said, we cannot handle or take responsibility for the logistics to and from our studio and we must stress these processes are outside of our control. We know it seems scary and “risky” but we’d like you to know that we’ve had a 100% success rate over the years!

    If you want to put forward any existing artwork or scans, are seeking advice on how to package your original, or need a run-down of how we package prints for postage, Kim is always available and can give you all the technical information you may need to help with this process.

    Also, did you know we can help you sell your original too? If this is something you are interested in, contact us and we can immediately remove 50% of the risk!
    WHO MANAGES MY INVENTORY IN THE STORE? We manage every aspect of your inventory, however it’s all under your direction!

    Once your store is set up, it’s up to you to name and price all your items and get in touch with us if you wanted to put any of your products ‘on sale’ or run a discount for your customers.
    WHAT IF ONE OF MY ORDERS GOES MISSING OR ARRIVES DAMAGED AND MY CUSTOMER HAS CONTACTED ME DIRECT? We handle it! We handle all of your customer service, so simply pass on that they should contact us directly via to rectify their order.
    HOW DOES PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING OF MY PRINTS/PRODUCTS WORK? As a whole, it comes down to you. While we are here to help you advertise and sell your work, it is not our responsibility to do so and we can't promise that your works will sell - no one can promise this. “How to sell” is the billion dollar question that we all want the answer to …but there really is no secret sauce here.

    This said, through our experience and market research, we wholeheartedly believe that having the right product (good or bad) priced accordingly (high or low) is the one of the key attributes - with supply and demand, consistent marketing and reputation are beneficial, but only secondary factors.
    ANY ADVICE FOR ME ON HOW TO SELL MORE ARTWORK? The best advice we can offer is to capitalise off our stress-free and end-to-end services and let us handle the backend (ie: hosting, sales, customer service and distribution) and focus entirely on the frontend (ie: creating and offering the best product possible and ensuring it’s priced well and for your targeted market).

    It doesn’t matter what the product is, it will have trouble selling if it is too expensive for your market or demographic - and this is the ‘art of sales’ in our opinion and ultimately why so many businesses struggle or fail. It’s all well and good to say a product is worth (x) amount - but if no one buys it …is it really? OR is it being marketed correctly?

    This said, more often or not, there’s more at play than simply throwing something online and expecting it to sell just because it’s there for the world to see. I am talking to you here from both a personal and business perspective as I really feel it’s important to know that this model is specially designed to SET US ALL UP FOR SUCCESS - and to me, that’s the beautiful part about it and why I am both proud and excited to release it and offer it to my friends, peers, fellow artists and role models. To put it simply, if you don’t earn, we don’t earn - but we have created a blueprint and designed a sustainable model that we can all use. - Steen

    ANYTHING I CAN DO TO HELP YOU SELL MORE ARTWORK? Yes! While we solely exist to help you fast-track all the boring and labour-intensive parts that you may not care about or want to do, we can’t make the “art” and “sell” it for you - and want to remind you of this and your responsibility.

    For best results, from both my own personal opinion and business experience, any additional or on-going marketing and advertising from yourself aimed at directly educating your fans, followers and networks that you have artworks for sale with us is directly going to help YOU speak to your audience and greatly increase your chances of selling products and offering a reliable and professional service - which is incredibly valuable during times where you are either on the road, working, or taking the break/holiday that you keep saying that you’ll take but probably never took.



    Drop us a line! We would be happy to answer any questions and provide any further information you might be after.

    "You create, we facilitate"

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