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    Our new commission-based structure has been purpose-built and designed specifically for the artist that wants to create and offer premium products and professional, reliable services to their clientele… but may not know how or where to start or simply do not have the time.

    We’re artists ourselves, but we’re also the small team and “brains” behind, not only, our original and founding clothing company, Few and Far Collective, but also behind Deathproof - the art-focused dive bar - and our very own purpose-built fine art studio - our think-tank and specialised printing & manufacturing company - Few and Far Studio.

    We haven’t just got 6+ years of designing, creating and manufacturing hundreds of quality products behind us; or just been responsible for distributing over 25,000 orders to over 58 countries during our years of operation; we’ve built and re-branded companies, devised marketing strategies, put forward sales pitches and just about everything else in-between...


    By utilising our years of industry knowledge and first-hand experiences, our trusted networks and established systems - and leveraging off our infrastructure, we’re able to help artists not only skip the entire product development & manufacturing process, aid them in managing online sales but also delegate the customer service and the handling, packaging & distribution side of things, too - alleviating all of the, often overlooked, stresses and responsibilities that come along with them.

    This said, like any start-up or business, it’s not all highs - there are plenty of low points too. All you can do is learn from your mistakes and try your best to minimise them, which is exactly what we’re offering to our artists. We know that artists, of all people, understand that learning the ropes, fine-tuning and perfecting any skill takes time, experience, energy and resources. We’re here to save artists from wasting any of those invaluable assets.

    Not only do we believe that our new business model will help artists grow, both personally and professionally, but we’re so proud to be continuing to do what we set out to do, and have strived for, since we launched back in 2013 - celebrating and collaborating with like-minded artists to continuously raise the bar and set a benchmark as being a trusted ‘go-to’ platform for customers to discover new, unique and inspiring artworks and directly support artists for their highest quality products and work.

    You create, we facilitate.



    Printed in-house on 100% cotton, archival stocks - available on either 240gsm or 310gsm grade options.

    We can either offer you a standard ‘print and delivery’ service where you manage your own sales and shipping, or an end-to-end, commission-based print-to-order sales and distribution service utilising our managed webstore option.

    We are also excited to be able offer you a personalised and premium end-to-end finishing service for our giclee fine art prints! This service includes working with you to design and create your very own customised wax seal and/or emboss plate. Please note: This service does not include a physical wax sealer or embosser, however we can help you with this for an additional fee if desired.

    All ideas always welcome!


    Printed in-house on 220gsm natural-tone textured cardstock.

    Digital prints are a great, cost-effective option for artists that are looking to ‘test the market’, looking offering a ‘lower priced point’ item to the market, ordering larger quantities or simply for gifting, marketing or for trade (Ie: Tattoo festivals) shows and/or promotional events.

    We have sourced specialty card-stock for all our digital prints to give them a similar feel to our giclee prints or the original artwork.

    All ideas are always welcome!


    These are great options to consider if you’re looking to mix it up from your norm or branch out with new or exclusive products.

    All ideas are always welcome!


    Let us save you the trouble, time and resources that it takes to navigate your way through the somewhat endless, labour-intensive, fickle and often risky world of merchandise design and production. Though our 6 years of running our original brand we not only have the direct contacts but can also offer very competitive prices and fast turn-arounds!

    Some examples of what we can help you create (but not limited to) are: iron-on patches, lapel pins, stickers, wall flags, skateboards, lighters, air-fresheners and even help you with create your own custom jewellery.

    All ideas are always welcome!


    Have itchy feet and want to do something productive? Want to step up your marketing game? Have a convention coming up and want to stand out to the crowd? Or just want to spread the love? We can help you - and are always here to!

    Some examples of what we can do (but not limited to) are: Banners, stubbie coolers, stationery, lighters, key-rings, stickers, books etc.

    All ideas are always welcome!


    Whether to want to design and create your very own bespoke products, or go straight into creating your own line of merchandise or brand by embellishing pre-made garments and accessories, we have plenty of experience and can help you save time, stress, energy and money!

    Regardless of the direction, we can offer you fast, stress-free and professional services - with hand or digital screen printing and/or embroidery finishes.

    All ideas are always welcome!


    We can relieve you from the laborious task of organising sales and distribution of your products.

    Through our professional services we can expertly manage all customer service and online sales related to your products, as well as manage your inventory, package your sales and ship them all over the world.

    Reach out to us for more information.


    While we understand this is a great marketing tool, selling point, point of difference us - we still like to keep this organic and as authentic to our brands as possible. This said, while we always try to market all of our clients and collaborators, through both of our platforms, due to the sheer number of products we produce, it’s not always possible at the time - however we do consciously try to help everyone.

    In addition, if you would like to run a discount, sale or promotion, please let us know and we can chat about a gameplan and see what we can do! If we can do something to help you, without damaging our brand, saturating the market or drowning our supporters, then we’re always going to help!


    Do you already have some original artworks laying around or stashed in a folder somewhere …but don’t have your own webstore to sell them in? Well, we can help you!

    If the artwork doesn’t sell there’s no loss, but if it does, (unlike most traditional galleries taking 30-50%) we only ask for a small fixed percentage (15%) to just cover our time and services only - sending the rest (85%) to you. We’ve offered this to help you sell your work, not to cash in from it.

    Reach out to us for more information.


    Want to stand on your own or out from the crowd, but don’t know how? We can help!

    Branding and brand building is something we really enjoy and are passionate about, so If you want help we’re always available to help!

    All ideas are always welcome!


    We know you’re busy so, we’ve taken the time to save you the time with our Frequently Asked Questions page, however you are always welcome to contact us directly for all your wants, needs or general enquires!

    Artwork by Jack @unseen_tattoo

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