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    What is Few & Far Studio?

    We are a professional print house and creative studio based in Brisbane, Australia.

    We originally started back in 2013 as an in-house design and manufacturing company for Few & Far Co. as we simply couldn’t find a company to do what we wanted or to the quality that we demanded.

    In 2015, we found ourselves in a similar position after deciding that we wanted to create and offer museum grade fine art prints to the world. Being no stranger to rolling the dice on ourselves, we invested everything we had into the equipment required and hiring our first full-time staff member, a professional printer - and Few & Far Studio as we all know it was born. Truth be told, we didn’t ever forsee ourselves ever being anymore than our own private service however, as we were Australia’s first professional print company focused on and dedicated to the tattoo industry, it didn’t take long for our work and the word to spread among the country before going international and spilling into other industries.

    More recently, we are incredibly excited and proud to share that we have been recognised and accredited by our suppliers as one of the leading print houses in the country as well as the first of our kind in the country offering a hands and stress free, professional and reliable print on demand service. As artists ourselves, we understand the pains, stresses, risk and difficulties involved in trying to create while run and manage a business - so once again, have created exactly what we know artists need and could really benefit from.

    It’s been a labour of love and we believe that’s its one of our key reasons for our continued growth and successes over the years. As it says in the studio, “Dreams won’t work unless you do”.

    To see more of who we are, what we’re about or to tour the studio, head over to our actual website.

    Where is Few & Far Studio?

    Brisbane, Australia

    How does this store work?

    From the outside, we appear, run and operate like any other web-store. Customers buy an item and we ship the order to them as per normal.

    From behind closed doors, we are very different. Our print on demand model means that both we and the artist don’t actually carry any stock - and you guessed it, we print or create the items as they are ordered opposed to having or holding any stock.

    The benefit and beautiful thing about this model means that our collaborating artists don’t need to ever have to think, worry or stress about creating their products, setting up an online store, managing sales or customer service - and can just focus on what they do best, creating.

    To put it simply, we simply exist to assist artists create, run and manage their products, online stores, shipping, customer service - and we pay them the lions share of the profits from every item sold.

    Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes! We ship worldwide!

    Is it safe to make a payment?

    Absolutely. We have shipped over 25,000 orders and never had a problem :)

    We accept all major credit cards and payment methods - including Stripe, PayPal and Afterpay.

    I can’t find any of these products in the main “Few & Far Co.” store?

    Don’t worry, it’s intentional. Here’s 3 reasons why:

    The 1st reason why we didn’t just invite everyone into the Few & Far Co. store was because we didn’t want to cause confusion or ‘muddy the waters’ for Few & Far Co. as the brand. We have stayed true and prided ourselves on being exclusive and working with a tight knit group so it did not feel right to us.

    The 2nd reason was out of respect for our artists and loyal clientele. We have worked incredibly hard to create the network, build the platform and relationships with everyone in our community and very considerate and protective of this.

    The 3rd was out of consideration and respect for our Studio clientele. As Few & Far Co. is a well established brand, business and platform with artists of the same, we didn’t see this being an even playing field for many of our budding clientele.

    This said, truth be told, it would have been MUCH easier to have it all on the one place however it did not seem right to us for the above reasons so have invested our time, energy and resources into designing and building this dedicated platform.

    What’s the difference between a digital and fine art print?

    To put it simply, the printing style, process, quality inks, type of stock, colour brilliance, appearance, feel and lifespan.

    The quality of a giclee print is far superior to all other forms of printing and the closet possible replica of original artwork.

    All of our giclée prints are colour-matched by eye (under our specialty studio lighting), printed with genuine and lightfast inks (fade resistant) on an acid-free, museum grade stock before being cut, embossed & finished by hand - and will each last 100 years if kept properly and out of direct sunlight. You can not only take comfort in knowing that your artwork is safe but you are investing your hard earned money into legitimate and archival reproductions that will literally last a lifetime.

    Our digital prints are perfect for an enthusiast on a budget and/or budding artists etc. however do not have the colour brilliance, look, feel or lifespan of our giclée reproductions.

    Our digital prints are still a beautiful print as each artwork is printed using the same colour-matched files as our giclée prints and feel similar to our giclée reproductions as we have specially sourced a textured stock to achieve the closest possible look and feel to our giclee prints.

    Customer Service

    Order help

    For all order help please refer to the main Few & Far Co. ‘Order Help’ page.

    Shipping & handling

    For all shipping & handling information to the main Few & Far Co. ‘Shipping & Handling’ page.

    Artist FAQs

    Everything you need to know

    For all artist enquires, including all of the finer details regarding how to join our community, please head over to our website! Everything you need to know is over there! We’ll be waiting for you!

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