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'Live Before You Die' Collection

'Live Before You Die' Collection

Photographer: Billy Zammit
Models: Steen Jones | Daniel Vinci | Nikaela Joyce | Madison Dorman | Alyssa Bokovoy | Tijana Vukovic | Emme Joyce
Location: Oahu, Hawaii


Our 'Live Before You Die' collection is a simple reminder of the often forgotten and overlooked reality that tomorrow is never promised. You're never going to live a positive life with negative thoughts, so we decided to dedicate an entire collection with the aim of inspiring and reminding the world that you only have one life to live and that you should make every day count. 

In the process we managed to inspire ourselves even more often, and as a result, we decided to push our own boundaries and treat this campaign like our last, and go beyond what we ever would have dreamed. We decided we were going to shoot in Hawaii - so that's what we did. Billy and I met up with some friends and locals over there and shot the campaign over 4 fun days, in 4 different locations - and had the time of our lives doing it.

Below is our short-picked favourites (which was easily the hardest part of the collection)  - you can see the rest of what we did over in Far and Wide. We've decided to break it down into the 4 days and 4 different lookbooks so you can come along for the ride and witness Hawaii as we saw it.

This is where we say thank you to everyone that believes in us and gave us the courage to do something so crazy - and to those involved in making not only the funnest, but the most memorable collection to date. Mahalo.


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