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Few & Far Co is dedicated to bridging the gap between artists and collectors from all over the world - offering the highest quality tattoo prints and art reproductions money can buy.

Born from a love of tattoo art, sheer frustration with the lack of quality artworks and aspirations to support artists alike, our founder Steen Jones created the platform that he wished existed - one for all to benefit from and enjoy.

Few & Far Co specialises in premium tattoo art and offers artists a professional and reliable print and fulfillment service that provides passive income without the risk, stress, pressure, and responsibilities that go along with setting up or running a webstore.

We believe that artists need to protect their energy and creativity to create their best work - and our new print-on-demand platform exists to do just that. We champion quality and are dedicated to providing premium products and services that showcase and reflect artists' hard work whilst supporting them directly through the sale of art.  

Since 2013, we have taken great pride in ensuring everything we do is of the highest quality - which has us widely regarded by our peers at the forefront of our industry. We take great pride in being trusted by and collaborating with many world-renowned tattoo artists such as Austin Maples, Tony Blue Arms, Jelle SOOS, and Han Shinko to name a few.

In late 2022, we announced huge news and changes for Few & Far Co - that we will no longer be selling apparel and homewares online but will only be available through licensed retailers. This decision was made to allow us to put our core focus and undivided attention into our specialty tattoo prints and our new, exciting platform and mission. 

In 2023, we strive to welcome new artists and release new artworks weekly, expand our world-class gallery, and offer an unrivaled collection of artworks to suit all styles and budgets. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector - you can expect nothing but premium and pristine artwork, every time!

Thank you for supporting us and our friends!

Tour the Few & Far Co and Few & Far Studio HQ here.


Our Story

Our humble beginnings began in the early 2000's when our founder Steen Jones discovered his love for tattoo’s and the tattoo culture while starting his tattoo apprenticeship.

As the inspired and devoted kid that he was, he lived and breathed tattooing - which would quickly find him ‘fedup’ with the lack of artist merch at the time - and started his own brand ‘Few & Far Collective’ in 2013. Few & Far was a platform where he could connect with all his favourite artists to collaborate and create the merch that he wished existed.

He had no experience, resources, masterplan or brands to imitate - and it didn’t matter - it was simply a labour of love - one that encompassed everything he loved and was heavily influenced by in his passion for tattoos, graffiti, skate cultures and travel.

Back then, times were quite different. Facebook was the popular app’, Instagram had only just started to gain momentum, Alibaba wasn’t mainstream (or as convenient), bespoke merch companies were few and far between (pun intended) and starting a brand wasn’t a trend or as ‘easy’ or accessible as it is today. 

Steen loved the challenge and unknown territory - and he found it as scary as it was exciting - for this reason the brand always had a very strong ‘inspirational’ message behind it. He was so determined by his dreams and the success of the brand that it would shape the brand and take nearly every waking hour and every dollar he had. He was inspired, determined and fulfilled.

“Quality over Quality” was the brand ethos and rang through everything we did. We would commission artists to paint original artwork for our designs and get them to individually number and sign the swing-tags for each limited release - and we would screen print, hand steam, fold, swing-tag and package all garments by hand - as well as make our own sticker and pin packs and handwrite the labels for each package. 

Within the first 24 hours of launch, Few & Far Co’s first ‘It’s not what you’re looking at, it’s what you see’ collection sold out and within the first year of business, Few & Far Co would ship to over 36 countries. Few & Far Co had a loyal worldwide following and solidified itself as a force to be reckoned with.

In 2014, due to a family emergency, Few & Far Co had to uproot and relocate interstate from Melbourne to Brisbane - which nearly wiped the brand out due to the unforeseen and exorbitant costs required to relocate and setup shop on the spot. It was almost over before it really began.

In 2015, Few & Far Co founded Few & Far Studio. A specialty design, manufacturing, and print company was created to ensure all production standards and demands were able to be met as Steen and the company required. Few & Far Studio was the first dedicated ‘tattoo’ print studio in the country (Australia) and would quickly gain regular international clientele - and in turn, be recognised as one of the leading and most trusted in the industry.

Few & Far Co would continue to raise the bar with it’s highly anticipated top-tier releases and collaborations, interactive pop-ups at tattoo conventions across the country and with opening their first flagship, “Now Or Never” in Bondi Beach, Sydney.

In 2017, Few & Far Co launched ‘Deathproof’- an art-driven bar in their hometown in Brisbane, Australia. Like the brand, Deathproof encapsulated everything Steen loved and wanted in a bar - and spared no effort or expense in doing so. The bar was painted front to back, floor to ceiling (literally) and would take out runner-up as Australia’s best new bar and be the first Australian bar to ‘popup’ internationally.

It was at this time Steen’s dream quickly became a nightmare for the self-taught artist and “businessman” as he found out the hard way what being worn out and over-committed felt like - and as a result, made some poor, inexperienced and desperate decisions with hiring and partnering.

These decisions would lead to a large amount of money being stolen and landing the brand in a lot of unknown debts and facing bankruptcy. As a result, he ‘gave’ Deathproof away and took a year's hiatus from the brand.

“The bigger the lesson, the bigger the blessing”

In 2018, Few & Far Co released a new comeback collection, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. Against all odds, the collection would be one of the most successful of the brands journey to date - and would restore the confidence and inspire the resurgence of the brand once again.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 it was short-lived.

As fate would have it, Steen had relocated to Barcelona just months before the pandemic and found himself stuck in the epicentre and struggling abroad. Due to the constant stress and uncertainty - with limited resources and no light at the end of the tunnel - Steen found himself back into a dark place and Few & Far would go offline as a result.

During this time, Australia was being decimated by the worst wildfires in history - and Steen felt helpless and wanted to help from afar - which inspired him to donate all of the inventory to charities and people in need. It just didn’t make sense or sit right with him to have all of this clothing doing nothing whilst people had just lost everything they had. Few & Far Co was back to zero.

In 2020, Few & Far Co‘s return would be inspired by Steen’s new mission and aspirations to create a new commission-based model for the brand and collaborating artists.

“The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

‘The Rising Tide’ collection would see the brand back in full swing - and the opportunity to open the doors in the US with distribution for the first time. 

Few & Far Co was back - but Steen once again felt like the demands of the brand would quickly consume all of his time and energy - and conflict with his newly found motivation.

During this time, he had also noticed that the ‘market’ had become much more saturated, social media had became far more demanding and brand was constantly expected to produce “more for less” and do so faster and faster - which would lead steen to quickly questioning the decision and motive of the brand - and the direction and future once again..

In 2022, Steen announced huge news and new plans for the brand - which included Few & Far Co to cease selling apparel and homewares online - and making it exclusively available through select retailers. 

This decision was made to allow the Few & Far Co brand and legacy to live on - with new and exciting opportunities and potential - without the pressures, risk and stresses that went hand in hand with running the brand. It would also mean that Steen and the Few & Far team could put their undivided attention and sole focus into the new and exciting platform and mission.

In 2023, Few & Far Co officially relaunched as a specialty ‘tattoo’ print-on-demand platform - one dedicated to support artists and give back to the industry which allowed Steen to live his dreams and supported him since 2013.

“We are proud to have created a service that we know artists want and will exponentially benefit from - and one that we know that tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world will love and appreciate. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years and that is without inspiration and purpose, there is no point. The best is yet to come.” 

Few & Far Co will continue it’s founding mission by connecting with like-minded artists and create more kick-ass art for the world, but this time in a way where we can sustainably give back and support our peers through the sale of art

A Platform we can all benefit from and enjoy. This time, we all win.

Some of our favourite campaign shots from over the years