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A note & range from the OG!

Hey fam, 

It’s Steen Jones, the founder & creative director here! 

Happy New Year & all that! (I know it’s late ...but better late than never …right!!?)

So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve wrote and connected with you guys personally - so I wanted to kick the year off with that with that - with an update, some news & exciting updates for y’all!!!


First things first, I want to actually apologise to all of day OG fans and/or anyone that happened to have a not so great experience with us in the later months of 2021… Without going ~too~ far into it, and to be as transparent as possible with you, we found ourselves in quite a bad spot in the latter half due to a contract that was not what it was or supposed to be. Not only were our “hands tied” …all of our stock was locked away in another state… What I/we thought was going to be an absolute power move for us, wasn’t so and turned out to be an incredibly frustrating, stressful, disappointing & costly lesson for us. Whilst the company we partnered with to manage our print and fulfilment for us, and they tried their absolute best, it became very clear quite quickly that they were not able to run the brand as we wanted, strive for - or how we agreed. While I can give them credit for the effort and hours they put it, I was simply not happy with how the orders were being processed and their lack of quality control. So I would like to start with an apology on behalf of Few & Far Co. to anyone out there that found themselves feeling unhappy with the product or service. I would also like to let all of these people know first-hand, that I am back in the drivers seat - and the best is yet to come!


That all said and out of the way, and after a frustrating couple of months and half a head of new grey hairs, Few & Far Co is officially back in Brisbane - and we are back in full control *dusts shoulders* and feel like we have alot to prove coming into 2022!! We have a HUGE 2022 ahead of us. I/we are so damn excited & cannot wait to share with you all! All In due time tho, after last year, I won’t be announcing anything until everything is solid ha ha (sigh) but let’s start with FEBRUARY!

EVERY MONTH = New collection

I have long found myself bored of the traditional brand business model - so going back to doing what I want opposed to feeling doing what I feel or think I should be doing. Those in business I am sure can understand & relate to this in some way. Anywho... To kick off the year collection wise & with some GOOD NEWS (after completely melting and shredding the brand - reworking and rebuilding everything from the ground up over the “holidays”) - I have decided to start from the start and from a happy place, with a ~new~ and staple “OG Collection”


The “OG Collection” is a revisit of all our my favourite & our best-selling designs from our earlier years. The collection is 8x designs that have been reworked & carefully styled - offering a modern take on our classics whilst ensuring that there is something for everyone! The collection will be a core and staple collection of the brand for all to love, rock & enjoy. 2013 - FOREVER


I have taken up enough of your time - and I can talk about the brand forever so will leave it there for now. That said, I just wanted to say a big thank you from me and the team. We work our asses off for the brand and absolutely love what we do - and we couldn’t do this without the love and support from you guys, so I just wanted to end with a very big thank you for the continued and unwavering support. The best is yet to come - and if you don’t believe me, watch!

And without further ado, the OG COLLECTION is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Much love and thank you guys! 

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