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Few & Far Co is dedicated to bridging the gap between artists and collectors from all over the world - offering the highest quality tattoo prints and art reproductions money can buy.

We specialise in premium tattoo art and offering artists a professional and reliable print and fulfilment service that provides passive income without the risk, stress, pressure, and responsibilities that go along with setting up or running a webstore.

We know firsthand that artists need to protect their energy and creativity to do their best work - our new print-on-demand platform exists to do just that. We champion quality and are dedicated to providing premium products and services that showcase and reflect artists' hard work whilst supporting them passively through the sale of art.  

We strive to welcome new artists and release new artworks weekly, expand our world-class gallery - and create an unrivalled collection of tattoo and tattoo inspired artworks to suit all styles and budgets.

How it works


Sign up here

Once paid, Our dedicated artist liaison with contact you with everything you need to get started and answer any questions that you may have.

This email will be your direct and best contact for all communications to ensure efficient and smooth operations moving forward.


-New or older artworks (the more the better)

-Artworks can be scanned and emailed or sent by mail

Remember, what is old to you will be new to someone else!

*If you send your original artwork - we can also host and sell this for you too.(See details below)


-All standard size artworks can be setup in digital or fine art giclee formats - or both!

-Custom sized artworks can only be fine art giclee formats

We will guide you through this process - and by this time would have already recieved our suggested pricing based off ‘industry standard’ and what we think is the sweet spot for you earning as much as possible without ‘over pricing’.

The final price of your artwork is always your decision. 


Your hard work is done - now we do ours!

Once all of your products setup:

-We create your artist collection on our website (You will receive a direct link)

-We create an artist tile and add you to our dedicated ‘Artist’ page on website

Your collection will also feature within our internal store directory - which makes you easy to find or easier for people to discover you when browsing in the webstore.


Put your link in your bio and you are ready to start promoting and selling! 

Pro tips:

-The more you actively you post and promote - the more interest and sales you are likely to get

-Screenshot the product photo’s from the website to use as content for your story and feed.

-Re-share our posts for ‘organic’ and‘easy’ content

-Add‘@fewandfarco’ or something clear advertising that you have prints for sale to your bio

We will:

-Make the announcement on Instagram with a dedicated post in our feed

-We will follow up with carousel post including all your artworks available

-Include you in our next ‘New Artist Alert’ email to our database

Furthermore, we endeavour to continually share and co-promote your artworks (organically) on Instagram to help you with content and remaining as active as possible.


We print and ship all of your orders as they come in - and manage all of the customer service that goes along with it. We strive to fulfil all orders within 5 business days of order placed.


We pay you 50% of the profits from every print sold, every fortnight via PayPal.Commission payments are processed on the 1st and 15th of every month.If you do not have Paypal, please let us know and we can find an alternative payment method.


Now that we are up and running and you know how it works, we can move much faster in the future.

To add new products:

Send your artworks to us whenever you create (or find them) and we will get them up for you ASAP

To edit/remove current products:

Let Eren know and he will handle that for you



It’s important to remember to be as active as possible with promoting your products to ensure that you are reaching all of your audience, staying in front of them, capitalising on our service and ultimately, earning the most you possibly can.

If you don’t promote, you will significantly reduce your potential

Few & Far Co:

As our goal is to create the world’s largest, leading and unrivalled collection of tattoo art and tattoo inspired artwork, we will be doing our absolute best to actively promote our artists, grow the business and generate as many sales as we can.

As part of our agreement and commission structure with artists, we will:

-Run regular paid Facebook ads to help showcase our artists, artworks and our platform to try and get in front of as many people as possible, as regularly as possible.

-Release a minimum of 3 internal emails monthly to showcase, remind and inspire sales to our database. 

-We will try our best to actively promote each and every artist on social media, which will help inspire you to use and promote through yours to help generate additional content and sales.


Original Artworks/Limited Editions


We know most artists stockpile artworks and often forget about them if they don’t sell the first time - so we are excited to offer this to our artists!

How it works:

1. You send us the original artwork/s to us, name the artwork and set the price

2. We setup the artwork store and try help you sell it

As we do not want to profit off your original artwork, we charge a base minimum of 10% commission (gallery standard is 30%) from the sale to help cover our time for preparing and handling the sale. This low rate also gives you additional profit to cover the initial shipping to us.

Once it sells:

You receive the payment - 10% commission with your next commission payment

If it doesn’t sell and you want it back:

No worries, just let us know. All we ask is for you to cover the shipping back


If you are wanting to mix it up or create some scarcity and urgency amongst products and collectors - this is for you! Limited release = This is the classic ‘x amount’ in the edition - and once gone that’s it

Timed releases = This is a release that you have the print available for x amount of time only.

How it works:

1. Decide what you want to do (and pricing) and let us know

2. We set it up in store

3. We launch the product

4. We will announce on Instagram and promote through the next email we send

These releases will work the same as the other prints - but something we have introduced as we believe this is something that seriously collectors will appreciate, enjoy and snap up!

We are more than happy to help you create something unique and special for these releases (ie: foil embossing or stamping your signature etc) - including hand numbering them for you.

Print Info & Specs

All of our prints are colour-matched, printed and handled in-house by a professional and dedicated printer, so you can not only take comfort in knowing your hard work is safe hands but also reflected in every print. All prints are printed by Few & Far Studio.


Our digital prints are the perfect print for artists wanting to offer lower priced reproductions of their work - and the enthusiast on a budget. They are printed with the same file as our Fine Art prints and look and feel like a great print to most, however they do not have the same colour brilliance, not printed on archival stock and don’t have the 100 year guarantee.

Digital Stock:

220gsm Lightly Textured Card.This stock has a slight texture and sheen to it - which imitates the look and feel of watercolour paper and our Fine Art Prints.

(Please note: See below artwork for example of how an artwork with a full background will look with border. Note - you will not see the white border on artworks that don't have full-print background or those with a white background.)


All of our fine art reproductions are printed on a museum grade, 100% cotton archival stock and using only genuine and lightfast inks - giving them not only an identical look and feel to the original artwork but also a 100 year guarantee.

All of our fine art prints are cut by hand and finished with a custom ‘Few & Far Studio’ blind emboss detail in the bottom right hand corner. This detail does not effect the artwork or print in anyway and authenticates the print.

Fine Art Print Stock:

320gsm Premium Textured Cotton Rag. This stock is the go-to for the tattoo community as the quality, consistency, price and similarities to the Arches 300gsm medium textured watercolour paper. 


I want to join but don’t have Paypal?

No worries, just let us know and we can work out an alternative payment method.

Can I still have my own webstore / sell with another company?

Ofcourse. We do not own your work. We are just trying to make your life easier and help you earn more money.

Who do I contact if I have a question or issue?

Eren, our dedicated artist liaison is always available via email (artists@fewandfarco) or via Whatsapp on +61 432 642 588

What If I’m Not Happy?

No hard feelings. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us. If this ever be the case, please let us know and we can remove you from our platform.

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