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End of an Era.

End of an Era.

Steen Jones at Mekong Baby in Ponsonby, New Zealand

Hey friends and fam,

So we’ve come to a point where it’s make or break for the brand as we know it.

To address and squish the rumours right here on the spot - we aren’t dead or dying….

Admittedly, it did feel like ‘the end was nigh’ from time to time during some dark and testing times where it just seemed like the string of unforeseen and unfortunate situations that both I and the brand had to deal with was just never going to end …BUT like most things (including how we got here today) just take perseverance.

Part of my newly instilled hope, inspiration and motivation has to do with the Skype meeting that we just had to the United States - but most has to do with me. Sounds selfish right? Well, maybe it is? I don’t know …or care because for the first time, in the longest time I’m feeling not only like I did when I started the brand but better than I ever have at the same time. During these tough times, I learnt many a lessons about business - however the most important ones were about myself. I not only learned that it’s ok not to be okay but it’s also important to put myself first sometimes. I don’t mean this in any form of arrogant way - I mean this in more of a self-care context. Sadly, it’s usually not until you feel the wrath of the long term effects of neglect or abuse do you really pay attention - and by then you either either pay the price and/or learn. I did both. It wasn’t pleasant but it is what it is - and now apart of me and my personal story - but also the brand’s which is why I’ve mentioned it here and brought some of it to light from time to time. Not only do I feel submitting to the facts and ‘letting it out’ is an important part of processing and overcoming such feelings - but also something that should be considered purely to help and inspire others - which again, is one of the reasons why I have in the past made this public knowledge.

This said and to keep this post moving in a positive direction (which I also think is imperative to feeling good as much as possible) I just wanted to bring you guys up to speed as to ‘where we’ve been’ and ‘why’ …but also a hint at why we’ve announced the ‘End of an Era’ sale and clearing all of our stock..

So where did you guys go?

Nowhere. During the time we would have appeared to be ’dormant’ on social media - we weren’t - we still operated our store and fulfilled orders as per normal …just dropped off social media and stop designing. It hurt me immensely to do this and went against everything I had ever worked for and/or towards …but knew that it was impossible and foolish to take a break without truly ‘detaching’ …so I did. I think it’s fairly safe to assume that of all times, nowadays, to drop off social media for 4 months would be suicide …..but you’d be wrong. Not only did we find ourselves fulfilling a constant stream of orders weekly (biggest and special thanks to everyone that sniffed us out and ordered during this time) - but were overwhelmed with concerns regarding our whereabouts …but also when the new stuff was coming out - It was crazy and never a million years did I think it was possible. With this all said, It obviously wasn’t all rainbows - and I am incredibly grateful for it as for me personally, it was far from what everyone knew or saw. Yep, you guessed it - I disappeared, too. It wasn’t you ….it was me. I …just needed some me time and some time away from the distractions and pressures of social media. Much like Few and Far - I thought it would be suicide for my career- however was in such a bad way, I just didn’t care. It’s sad to admit, but it’s true. Life, huh.

Where did you go?

I hit the road ..and a few planes. As fate would have it, within a week or two of realising and decided that I ‘had to get away’ for a while to reset, rest and regroup …I was approached by Brewdog (Forever grateful Fisher!) to be apart of an EPIC project in Berlin in just a few weeks time.

While it felt like the world was giving back and here was my opportunity to get away for a little but while remaining productive (dreams don’t work unless you do) …..I was still having trouble committing to leaving while in the mind-frame and state I was in. I’m sure it seems crazy ….and maybe it was but it’s also the reality that it was at the time - and while I’m comfortable in making it public for you all to hear, I hope you’ll be inspired by it, should you ever need it. This said, If it wasn’t for being approached for more work in California, North Carolina and Florida within the same month… I don’t know if I would have left - but most importantly don’t know If I could have got the motivation and/or signs to just …go.

Leaving was the best thing I personally could have done - and I believe is the reason I am back to feeling back to my ambitious, motivated and go-getting self. Not only did I face and challenge everything that I feel like everyone is scared of and controlled by (social media) - I put myself first and turned the worst times of my life to the best.

I’m almost certain this will sound arrogant to most (which is fine) but I’m sharing this for those who might need to someday hear or remember this. Remembering that you control your days and destiny is one of the most powerful things I think you can know - and that there’s a big difference between ‘counting the days and making the days count’ - which coincidentally was one of the earlier Few and Far designs. Anyways, that's enough about me. I just thought it was important for me to share but also that I owed an explanation to many of you guys as you’ve not only been incredibly patient and understanding - but helped me get to here, overcome what I have had too - and remind me of why I started the brand in the first place.

So, what’s happening?

…truth be told, nothing is confirmed yet - but can confirm that we will never operate as we all know it. It’s foolish to think you can do different by doing the same thing - so we’re taking control and positioning ourselves accordingly.

First things first, we need to clear all of our stock (hence the Sale) so that’s our focus for now ….but we did just wrap up an incredibly exciting Skype meeting as mentioned earlier regarding the United States.

This said, regardless of this particular outcome, Few and Far Collective will return - different than we were, but better than we’ve ever been.

Dreams are worth more then money - and I’m a dreamer ….and know dreams don’t work unless do so thats all for now. Thank you for your time, support, understanding and for standing by me and the brand during these times.

Much love,


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