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Bushfire Relief Announcement.

Bushfire Relief Announcement.

Steen Jones painting at Hard Grind in Dundee, Scotland announcing the donation of all remaining stock to aid those affected by the Australian bushfires

Hello friends, stalkers & strangers!

I’m back and have an announcement for you all!

After much thought and hesitation - I’ve decided to donate all of our current and remaining stock directly to those affected by the recent, devastating & history-making fires back home in Australia. As I’m sure most of you saw, it did un-repairable damage to our country ...killing 29 people, destroyed 2,500 homes and sadly killing 1.5 billion animals...

While some of what happened is irreplaceable - some is - for this reason we have decided to donate our garments to help those who lost theirs during the fires. It doesn’t mean we are ‘over’, shutting down - or giving up. It means that it doesn’t make any sense to us whatsoever to have a clothing label, laying in ‘limbo’ while I work on everything that I have had and needed too ...while there are people out there who have nothing - and lost everything. 

The purpose of this post is to let you all know that you have 24 hours to pick up any of our last garments before they are donated.

And while I got you, the brand isn’t dead - or dying. News and updates will come in due time.

Much love to you all & thank you,


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