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About Us

Few & Far Co is an art-driven tattoo and lifestyle brand dedicated to working with the best. We bring artists’ dreams and designs to life, creating the best tattoo-inspired apparel, accessories, homewares and artworks on the market - ones that simply wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Born from a love of tattoo art, creation and the sheer frustration with the lack of quality artist-led merch, Few & Far Co started on its mission to create the brand and premium service range that our founder, Steen Jones, wished existed.

Fast-forward from 2013 to today, and Few & Far Co is a globally recognised industry leader that keeps their finger on the pulse, cares about the industry, and is responsible for some of the most sought-after products and top-tier collaborations. Amidst our success, we remain exclusively run by artists, for artists and everyone to enjoy!

2013 - Forever

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