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All He Wrote.

All He Wrote.

We just wanted to let you all know that we did as promised and have donated ALL of our remaining garments (RRP of 35k-ish worth of stock for anyone who missed our recent posts) to those in need and affected by the tragic and devastating Australian bushfires. And with that, we are now facing the end for Few and Far Collective as we all knew. Truth be told, we didn’t see it ending like this (or as quickly), however, as recent events have proven to us all, life can change drastically and without warning and sometimes you just have to let it happen. So we donated the stock we had left somewhat with heavy hearts knowing that it would be the beginning of the end of Few and Far Collective, but also proud of the small sacrifice we were able to make for the greater good. 

That said, we aren’t fishing nor do we want the credit, I simply just wanted to come here and leave you a note - to say thank you all for believing in my dream, our vision and for the incredible and unconditional support for the last 7 years. Even more so to those who have supported us in the most recent couple of years because they have been, for me personally and for us as a company, the hardest to overcome. One day I will shed some more light on why.

But for now it's time to focus on the future - the direction our passions have ultimately been pushing us towards, even when we didn't necessarily realise it - which entails a re-brand, re-build and re-launch under a whole new model. Exciting times and thank you all so goddamn much.

Much love,

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